• Find out how to choose the best diesel engine lube oil

    The time to choose the lubricating oil for diesel engine for truck or car usually generates doubts in many people, after all, is no product available on the market that can really guarantee the performance and adequate protection to the vehicle. For more insights jump to: marvel mystery oil good or bad


    Choosing a quality lubricating oil for diesel engine is essential to ensure the safety and performance of the vehicle, therefore, owners and mechanics should, yes, pay attention to this item.


    Thinking of helping you, we have prepared this post with tips on the topic and what you should consider to choose the best lubricating oil for diesel engines. Read on to check out all the details!

    Why choose the best diesel engine lube oil?


    Initially, it is necessary to understand the real importance of lubricating oil for diesel engines. Its function, contrary to what many people think, is not limited to just lubricating the engine’s moving parts , such as pistons and connecting rods.


    In fact, lubricating oil is an item that has other essential functions for the proper functioning of the vehicle, such as the following features:

    • reduce the wear of parts and the formation of sludge;
    • refrigerate the hottest components;
    • minimize wear on parts;
    • seal the engine against the possible passage of combustion gases.

    In addition to these points, a quality lubricating oil also guarantees more time without having to change the oil, being a long-term economy, since in addition to reducing expenses with oil and filter, it also means that the vehicle does not have to stand still with frequency to perform this type of maintenance.


    What to consider when choosing the best lubricating oil for diesel engine?